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In 1996 Orville Gertsch decided to pursue his passion and hobby of making wine. Orville the head wine maker has been producing wine as a hobby for over 30 years and professionally since 2001. He began planning for a vineyard in 1997. The following year he  began planting vines . In 2000 he began to start planning for a winery. Fred Gertsch Orville’s youngest son has been managing the vineyard since 2002 and has also become assistant winemaker.

From the Winemaker…

Winemaking is very interesting and you do meet a great number of nice people whom  seem to have a intense interest in tasting and enjoying a drink of delightful wine. Hopefully our wine will become one of the ones you enjoy. Shortly after the 2000 harvest, we made the decision to produce our wines for retail. On the 16th of April 2001 Prime Country Winery, a registered trade name was founded, and on the 15th of July 2001 we received our federal license as a Bonded Nebraska Farm Winery. We produced quality products in the years 2001 and 2002  and sold  those  products in bulk to another Nebraska bonded Winery. We  totally control the grapes and maintained total control of every step of producing our wine to the bottle. We do so with the tender care and time that is required to produce the best product possible for our customers. We do most of our processing the old fashion way. The grape is harvested and is handpicked and totally chemically free. We use modern stainless steel equipment to process our grapes and they are totally fermented in stainless steel tanks. We rack the musk several times, rather than filter and pump them because we feel that this process although it is very labor intensive is worth the time and effort to produce our high quality product. We let our wine age for however long we feel is adequate to achieve the best taste and flavor for that particular grape and still be smooth and delightful to drink and enjoy. It is our desire to furnish you with the best possible quality glass or bottle of wine that we can.

Thank you for the pleasure of serving you!

Orville A. Gertsch


Prime Country Winery owners -  We grow red and white grapes in our vineyard

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